Many cities and counties throughout California have adopted laws that allow homeowners to legally build an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) or convert an existing garage into a permitted living space. Converting a garage can:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Allow you to have additional income by renting out the permitted living unit
  • Help in paying off mortgage earlier, allow you to retire sooner and vacation more!
  • Have family and loved ones living next to you, in a separate unit
  • Even run a permitted business or use the unit as live/work property

Our full-service construction and consulting service takes away all the headache of constructing a new ADU or converting a garage. Here are some of the reasons why Levet should be your go to contractor:

  • Fully licensed, Insured, Bonded
  • Entire ARCHITECTURAL, DESIGN, ENGINEERING, AND CONSTRUCTION team in-house to complete project from A-Z taking away all headache!
  • No hidden, city permit or planning fees!
  • Will be present for EVERY inspection to meet with officials at every stage of project
  • Dedicated project manager assigned to your project to contact on cell, ANY TIME, day or night
  • Dedicated loan agent to assist with ZERO DOWN financing options, if desired
  • Complimentary RENTAL MARKETING of completed unit, if desired

Contact us to have a representative visit your property (with no obligation) and answer any questions you may have.